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S.W.O.R.N. Protection is designed to provide affordable, professional, and customized security to compliment any type of business or project. We also specialize in a variety of protection and prevention methods to meet specific and unique need.

S.W.O.R.N. Protection provides peace of mind by deterring crime, ensuring safety, and protecting assets. We offer professional services that is there when you cannot be; after hours, overnight, holidays, and any other time extra attention is required.


With over 24 years of experience in public safety and security protection. S.W.O.R.N. Protection is owned and operated by a retired Indiana Law Enforcement Officer who brings significant training and experience to our company allowing us to go beyond your expectations.

Peace of Mind

  • Less stress with more time to focus on business

  • Emergency situation management

  • Maintain a safe and secure environment

  • Increase morale and dedication when you invest in the safety of your employees

  • After hours' protection of company assets 

  • No waiting for a response


Improved Customer Service

  • May help customers find products or get them to the right direction

  • Escort customers and employees after dark


Crime Prevention

  • Instant deterrent- Reduce shoplifting, crime, and employee theft

  • Professional assessment of suspicious activity

  • Surveillance and monitoring 

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