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  • Appearance- Officers maintain professionalism by being in full police style uniform with good personal appearance, taking pride the image they honor representing our company, clients, and the community.

  • Communication- Officers effectively communicate with clients, managers, employees, residents, customers, and visitors as well as local law enforcement. Showing positive attitude, customer service skills, and providing proper documentation is essential in our daily duties.

  • Training-  Officers are tested and certified in all areas of safety and security. With knowledge and understanding of the importance of our duties, competence and decision making is key essentials to fulfilling our clients' needs and the quality services we offer.

  • Responsibility- Officers show accountability while upholding a can-do attitude. Set the standards high and going above and beyond maintaining the safety and security of every job site.

  • Teamwork- All Officers work and train as a team on a regular basis. Having a good support system in place leads to quicker problem solving and exceptional work performance.  

  • Preparedness- Officers are appropriately and adequately equipped to handle any situation that comes their way.


  • Officers are true, honest employees that meet the demands of our clients.

  • Complete and full documentation of all incidents, with great attention to detail.

  • Officers uphold the utmost respect for all of those they serve. 


  • Ability to keep a low profile and blend to keep incidents low key when they happen.

  • Keep all information held in confidence and protected from unauthorized parties.

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